Open Set Domain Adaptation using Optimal Transport

Published in Proceedings Conference ECML-PKDD, 2020

M. Kechaou, R. Hérault, M. Z. Alaya, G. Gasso

We present a 2-step optimal transport approach that per- forms a mapping from a source distribution to a target distribution. Here, the target has the particularity to present new classes not present in the source domain. The first step of the approach aims at rejecting the samples issued from these new classes using an optimal transport plan. The second step solves the target (class ratio) shift still as an optimal transport problem. We develop a dual approach to solve the optimization problem involved at each step and we prove that our results outperform recent state-of-the-art performances. We further apply the approach to the setting where the source and target distributions present both a label- shift and an increasing covariate (features) shift to show its robustness. Download paper here